martes, 9 de marzo de 2010

My favorite Place At Home

This is my Living Room.. It´s my favorite place at Home

· There are furnitures . They are Beautiful
· There are two chairs
· There are two old pictures
· There is a Lamp
· There is a Tv
· There is a Table with some Fruits
· There is a Dining

My activities

My common day is always full of activities to do. Because ´I study , I work and I have my housband and my child.
In the Morning.
I get up at 6 :00 am . I prepare breakfast for us. My child goes to his school with his transport. I go to my Work at 8:00 am. Once there I work all the morning.
At the Noon
I arrive at home and I prepare lunch for my housband and my son. I rest some minutes I go to my university to study. I stay at my university at 8 pm.
At Night
I arrive at Home and I prepare dinner for us. I help my son with his homeworks and I go to my bed to sleep.

My House

My house is small . It has only three bedrooms, a small kitchen, a living room , two bathrooms, a basement and a Front Yard.

In the Bedrooms ; There are beds, Tv´s, closets, a computer, mirrors , blankets, and a Desk.

In the Kitchen: There is a stove, a microwave, a table with its chairs and a Fridge

In the Bathrooms; There are toilets, mirrors, kittles, and showers

Living Room; There are furnitures, a table with flowers, and pictures

In the Front Yard; There is my car and some plants.